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Dental Bonding in Houston, TX

Improving the fit and feel of your teeth is simpler when you check into H Town Smiles. Our office facilitates dental bonding in Houston, TX, and we serve patients of all ages. You deserve to have a fuller, prettier smile. Thanks to our dental bonding treatment, you can expect fuller, more attractive teeth. Request a consultation for tooth bonding today, and learn how much easier it is to attain a stunning smile.

The Necessity for Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding, also known as "tooth reshaping," is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that restores the shape of damaged teeth. A composite resin is applied to cracked or deformed dental bone in order to bring a sense of fullness to the affected area. Patients who have recently suffered physical trauma to the mouth are prime candidates for this procedure.

Tooth Reshaping Enhances Your Appearance

When you have cracked, chipped, or otherwise deformed teeth, it may feel awkward to perform normal tasks, such as eating or brushing. It can also be harder to smile. Don't let these imperfections dictate how you live. Our dental bonding dentist allows you to reclaim the natural appearance of your mouth through targeted, effective tooth reshaping procedures.

Thorough Dental Bonding Treatment

Inspire confidence in your smile with dental bonding treatment. Reshaping teeth is a seamless process when you visit our office. Through a thorough screening and evaluation, we can determine which teeth need treatment. We use your previous dental x-rays and data from past examinations to reconstruct the original shape of your teeth.

Smiling Couple with Dental Bonding in Houston, TX

Process-Oriented Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding procedures are conducted using a special, composite resin material. This treatment can emulate the natural color of your teeth for a complete and seamless look. On appointment day, we apply this resin directly to the tooth. As it dries, our dentist uses special tools to reform the shape of the tooth. After curing, your tooth will look, feel, and function just like the original. Many of our bonding treatments can be completed in single visit, and we can accommodate your specific needs to treat multiple teeth at once.

The Knowledgeable Dental Bonding Dentist

Work with a family-oriented dental bonding dentist. Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience, our practice has helped patients of all ages attain full, healthy, and bright smiles. Our bonding procedures are proven to be safe and long-lasting, and the results can be seen and felt almost immediately. Best of all, bonded teeth feel so natural that they can be cared for like normal teeth. Simply maintain a normal brushing and flossing regimen, along with routine dental checkups.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for dental bonding. We proudly serve patients from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.