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Dental Braces in Houston, TX

A straight and bright smile builds confidence. Improve your bite and enhance your appearance with the help of H Town Smiles. We offer dental braces in Houston, TX. When you come to us for your orthodontic treatment, you take a proactive step in improving your appearance. We work with each member of your family, and our services are highly adaptable to suit your specific needs. Contact our orthodontist to request a consultation for you or your child.

Consider a Dental Braces Treatment

Dental braces treatment falls under the category of orthodontic care. It is normally administered to patients in their adolescent years, when all of a patient's permanent teeth have erupted. Due to hereditary factors and choices of habit, there is a distinct possibility that your child's teeth may not have an appropriate bite.

Misaligned teeth adversely affect appearance, and it also makes brushing and flossing a more difficult part of a patient's routine. With dental braces, you or your child no longer have to live with stigma or risk poor oral hygiene. Traditional braces are a safe and effective means to adjust the bite and improve appearance.

Woman with Dental Braces in Houston, TX

The Experienced Dental Braces Dentist

Choose a dental braces dentist with more than 35 years of experience. Our office has the equipment and staff to ensure successful treatment. We have been helping teens and adults attain straighter smiles. Receive a fresh start to your oral care and let our dental implants improve your well-being. Since we stay up to date with the latest treatments and methodologies, we combine proven experience with reliable tools to produce long-lasting results.

The Patient-Focused Orthodontist

No two cases are ever the same when it comes to orthodontics. That is why our orthodontist encourages a personalized approach to care. When you visit our family dentist, we examine you or your child's case on an individual basis. As such, we can draft and implement a concrete plan for care, and adapt all throughout treatment. Our office is proud to use advanced tools and technology so that orthodontic care is administered in a measured and methodical way. As a result, your overall experience with braces will feel seamless and easily adaptable as treatment continues.

Teeth Straightening on Your Terms

Teeth straightening treatments improve oral health and goes beyond simple appearances. Regardless, we understand that there can be certain stigmas attached to braces and their related implements. In response to these concerns, our dental office has incorporated many different alternatives to make braces a fun or seamless experience for the patient. We can furnish clear brackets, bands, and wires to hide the visual impact of the braces. On top of that, we are also authorized practitioners of the Invisalign avenue of treatment. Explore your options and find the treatment that works best for you or your child. Our orthodontist makes it even easier to have a healthy smile.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist. We proudly serve patients from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.