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Cosmetic Dentist in Houston, TX

You deserve to be proud of your smile. While staining, physical trauma, and extensive corrective dental work can deteriorate your radiant teeth, they never have to stay that way. At H Town Smiles, you can have confidence in your appearance again. Our cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, makes it easier to have fuller, brighter, and more attractive teeth. Request a consultation today and learn about our restorative dentistry solutions. From teeth whitening to cosmetic implants, we have the resources and equipment to fashion a better you.

Choose a cosmetic dentist who is committed to bringing out your full potential. Cosmetic dentistry is a field that pertains to the appearance of teeth. Although this specialty may place emphasis on appearance, the benefits of these procedures can also make your daily routine easier. Tooth bonding and veneers, for example, can aid in speech therapy since they restore the shape of teeth—a vital component in speaking. Orthodontics, meanwhile, can help patients attain a better bite, which aids in eating and can facilitate healthier oral care habits.

Restorative Dentistry That Serves You

When it comes to restorative dentistry, you deserve to have a range of options. As its name suggests, restorative dental procedures are aimed at bringing back the appearance, fit, and shape of teeth. Whether you have encountered physical trauma or complications from your erupted permanent teeth, our dental options allow you to take control over your smile. Our office specializes in two procedures: veneers and bonding.

Dental Whitening Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Your everyday eating and drinking habits can take a toll on your teeth. If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, you may notice that your teeth have a tendency to take on a yellowish shade. That is because the porous surface of your dental bone is absorbing the pigments of what you eat and drink. Dental whitening is a helpful procedure that can scale back the effects of staining. Whitening can be completed in as little as a single visit, and we can tailor your service according to your needs.

Couple with White Teeth in Houston, TX

The Adaptive Teeth Whitening Dentist

When you visit our teeth whitening dentist, you can have confidence knowing that a brighter smile is already in your future. We use advanced whitening agents, including hydrogen peroxide, to make your teeth whiter. In addition, we empower you with resources so you can maintain your bright smile.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. We proudly serve patients from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.