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Tooth Removal Dentist in Houston, TX

Extensive tooth decay can cause persistent pain and, if left unchecked, may cause infection to neighboring tissue. In these cases, a tooth removal dentist in Houston, TX, allows you to find relief from such complications. H Town Smiles is your source for safe and hassle-free dental extractions. Thanks to our compassionate and thorough approach to care, you can feel at ease at our office. Request a consultation today to learn if tooth extraction is a sensible course of treatment for your needs.

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The Necessity for Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are procedures that surgically remove one of more teeth from a patient. More often than not, a dental extraction is seen as a last resort for dentist intervention. In these cases, extensive tooth decay could make it unfeasible to opt for traditional treatment. At other times, tooth removal would be considered if the dead or decaying tissue in the tooth threatens to infect surrounding tissues. Your dentist will determine if this solution is appropriate for your care.

Excessively damaged teeth not only hinder your appearance. If left untreated, decayed teeth will cause swelling and great discomfort. The risk of infection is also high, which can potentially damage other teeth. Don't let the pain dictate how you live. Our tooth removal dentist is available to ease the pain.

Anxiety-Reducing Tooth Extraction

Feel at ease when you come to our office for tooth extraction. We utilize the latest equipment, technology, and treatment methods to ensure a safe and comfortable appointment. Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience, we have developed a patient-centric approach to care. We use local anesthetic so your care is easygoing and stress-free. Of course, education on your procedure is paramount for a successful operation. To that end, your consultation includes a definitive plan for your treatment, as well as what you can expect following the operation.

Available for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the teeth most likely to erupt incorrectly in adolescent and young adult patients. The most common complication is "impacting," where a tooth grows into a neighboring tooth. Overcrowding in the mouth can cause pain and discomfort, and poses the risk of damaging the teeth. Prevent these complications with wisdom tooth removal.

At our office, we make a point to conduct complete wisdom tooth removal in a calm and relaxing environment. Whether you require the removal of one tooth or the entire set of wisdom teeth, we are able to facilitate thorough treatments to ensure the rest of your teeth develop properly. As a family dentist office, we are able to help patients of all ages.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for tooth extractions. We proudly serve patients from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.