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Root Canal Dentist in Houston, TX

Protect your teeth from infection and decay with a trusted root canal dentist in Houston, TX. At H Town Smiles, we make it easier to find proper care and treatment for your teeth. Our endodontist devises effective treatments that reinforce the strength of your tooth and its supporting structures. Whether you are suffering from extensive tooth decay or physical trauma, our root canals significantly increase the stability of your teeth.

Woman at an Endodontist Office in Houston, TX

Why Visit an Endodontist

Extensive tooth decay or physical trauma can cause tooth loss. The pulp, or supporting nerves and blood vessels within a tooth, can encounter infection and cause the death of tissue. As a consequence, there is a greater risk of encountering tooth pain, and the infection can spread to surrounding tissue. Don't let the death of tooth pulp create misery. Our endodontist has the experience and expertise to alleviate pain and stop the spread of infection.

Root Canals—the Effective Avenue of Treatment

Major tooth decay may necessitate a tooth extraction. However, have confidence knowing that you do have options before resorting to such measures. Root canals are often hailed as the treatment that can save a tooth before an extraction is absolutely necessary. The procedure aims to reinforce the insides of the tooth while removing dead or decaying material. Not only does this purge the tooth of bacteria, but it also maintains the natural appearance of your teeth.

The Trusted Dentist for Root Canals

Endodontic work is simple and anxiety-free when you choose our dentist for root canals. Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience, we have developed the skillset and professionalism to make these procedures a comfortable experience. We begin with a thorough examination and consultation to ensure this service is right for you. Our team also makes a point to educate you on the particular points of your upcoming procedure so you know exactly what to expect during your appointment. As a result, you can enter and leave our office chair with total confidence.

Dental Fillings Improve Tooth Strength

As the root canal removes contaminated tissue from the insides of your tooth, it is important to reinforce the operating area with strong dental fillings. The materials we use for your root canal are meant to emulate the natural, seamless feeling of your original pulp. Its sterile composition reduces the risk of bacteria returning, and we seal the entire site with a dental crown to ensure the tooth's strength.

Your Dependable Tooth Filling Dentist

As your family-oriented tooth filling dentist, we make a point to uphold a culture of professionalism and compassionate for each of our dental procedures. Our endodontist adapts to the needs of the patient. In other words, we accommodate patients of all ages. Feel at ease knowing that your oral care needs are in good hands. Request a consultation today and leave residual tooth pain behind.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for a root canal procedure. We proudly serve patients from Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.